Friday, August 26, 2005

Outpouring of Love and Appreciation for Pastor Glenn and Denise

This past Sunday
saw a great outpouring of love as the congregation successfully surprised Pastor Glenn and Denise on the occasion of their 10th wedding anniversary. We also celebrated and thanked the Lord for the beginning of their tenth year of ministry to our church.

We can safely report that they were completely fooled and Pastor had no idea that the Board and the staff had conspired to "hijack" the second service. There were a number of presentations to the Harvisons from their church family as well as the sharing of some heartwarming personal reflections from their parents and ministry friends. Afterwards, we enjoyed a wonderful luncheon reception.

Now, everyone who was not present in the first service needs to order a copy of the sermon they missed! (Click on photos for larger image.)

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Joy at Harvest Time Summer Baptismal Service

Sixteen people received water baptism at a beautiful service held on Sunday, July 24th. There were many wonderful expressions of faith in the Lord and many touching moments - including a father and son being baptized together when Pastor Glenn and Pastor Chris baptized John and David Caminiti.

It was a delight to see people of all age groups and all kinds of backgrounds taking this important step in following the Lord!

Special thanks to Stacia Morris for opening her lovely home and pool for the baptismal service.

Congratulations again to those who were baptized:

Maria Guadalupe Barrera
Lucia Benedetto
David Caminiti
John Caminiti
Jacob Camacho
Josie Derla
Ariana DiLorenzo
Daniel Fecci
Jenny Gibney
Jeanna Hockett
Magaly Jager
Geri Lambert
Elizabeth Perez
Shannon Reilly
Jean Sapione
Nick Zuckerman

Top: The "Caminiti Men" rejoice with Pastors Glenn and Chris after being baptized together
Left Center: Magaly Jager gets ready to testify
Right Center: Scene as the service is about to begin
Bottom: Candidates pray for the person being baptized

Thanks to Sidney DeLima for these photos.