Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Transforming Trinidad - Mission Possible!

Our Missions Trip to Trinidad is coming up soon and will be here before we know it: November 29 - December 6!

And with all the planning and preparation that goes on, some of the most important preparation is done in prayer! Join us in prayer this week with these prayer points:


For the Crew. Continue in prayer for the crew – each team member from HT and those from all other churches who are joining us in this Mission.

For Pastor Chankesingh and his Associate Brother Lincoln, and for Pastor Max and Linda. Please continue to pray for these Pastors and Leaders overseeing in Trinidad – and for all those involved in helping them.

For the Mini-Crew – Stephen, Iris, Sarah, Sharon and Rosanna – who are going ahead to Trinidad on September 16th. Please pray for safety and protection – that all that needs to be accomplished during this trip will be without interference – that any and all obstacles will be removed. Pray specifically for their meeting with the doctor and person from the Ministry of Health.

For the Airfare. Please continue to pray God’s favor – that the airline people will have a change of heart and grant us (at least) a portion of the tickets at the lower fare, which we are being denied at this time – and that we would be able to secure all tickets ASAP.

Trinidad Night. Please begin covering this very important night with prayer now. Pray for the planning and preparation process – and that everything will come together quickly and easily without any problems. Pray for the rehearsals – that God will make the time needed in everyone’s busy schedules. Pray for all those who have volunteered to help with this night. Most of all, pray God’s Anointing be upon it.

For the Donations. That there would be an even greater response to the needs! [We are planning to visit orphanages with 300 children – PLUS the homes of the abused, handicapped and ‘lost’ children at the dump – WE NEED A MAJOR SURPLUS OF DONATIONS SO THAT WE CAN REACH ALL OF THESE CHILDREN!] Pray also for those going to Stores/Companies with Donation Packets – for God to prepare the hearts of those in authority to GIVE generously to this Mission.

For God’s Provision. In all areas!

For the People of Trinidad – for Transformation! Please be in constant prayer for these people.


For Answered Prayer!

For the CO/approval – we are planning to purchase the Container this week!

For our Prayer Nights. Our Mighty God has been showing up – encouraging and confirming that He is in the midst of us – HEARING and ANSWERING our prayers!!! (Isaiah 65:24)


Prayer Night #3: September 9th, 2005***

Mini-Crew Trip: September 16-18th, 2005

Sneaker Sunday: September 18th, 2005

Trinidad Night: September 24th, 2005

***We have been meeting every 2nd Friday night, but will change to Thursday night if that would work better. Please let us know, via return email, as we are asking that ALL the Crew would come together in prayer on these nights, especially as we get closer to our departure date. (Those on The Cover who are able to join us are most WELCOME!)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Alpha Course begins Tuesday, September 13th!

September is upon us and that means fresh opportunities to grow!

The Alpha Course returns to Harvest Time Church on Tuesday evening, September 13.

Alpha is the world’s most popular introduction to Christianity, and over 7 million people have experienced it. Over 11 weeks, participants dig into topics you may have always wondered about, such as:

  • “Who is Jesus?”
  • “Why Did Jesus Die?” and
  • “Does God Heal Today?”
Alpha provides a chance for you to ask questions and learn in a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere. Refreshments are served free of charge, followed by a 40-minute video presentation and a small group discussion time. Alpha is free, although there is a cost for an optional weekend retreat.

Find out what millions already know—Alpha is great, and great fun besides! It's a great chance to learn about the Christian faith, and to meet new people. Each Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. we enjoy good fellowship, solid teaching, prayer, and laughter (not to mention some outrageous desserts).

If you're new to the church, unsure where you stand with God, or are just plain skeptical, then Alpha is for you! Even if you have been a Christian for a while, Alpha is a great refresher course and a powerful way to strengthen your faith, too.

Sign-up by calling the church at (203) 531-7778 or by e-mailing Pastor Nick at this address.

Hope to see you on September 13th!