Friday, December 30, 2005

Testimony: Nancy M.

It seemed like all of a sudden everything changed, almost as though we were now moving in slow motion. The normally speedy maxi (bus) which usually kept us holding on seemed to shift into another gear—another zone—as I turned my head to look out the window. The clamber of voices and laughter faded into distant sounds as the sights before me grew more vivid. We were approaching our destination. What was known as the ‘noisy’ bus now grew quieter as we continued to make the climb. My heart started pounding and I felt the need to pray. We were here…at the dump!

I stepped off of the bus into the mud. All around me was mud—and dirt, and rot and decay, and rust, rust and more rust. I was still praying as I continued to walk and look around me when I heard my name. Sandy F. was waving me over. She was standing with a young woman named Michelle who needed prayer—prayer for healing, physically, but the emotional scars were evident. We prayed. Something was happening. A feeling of heaviness lifted as we said amen. Sandy and I exchanged glances. It was a good prayer. Michelle told us she knew the Lord but did not have a Bible. It was exciting to present her with one, and she was excited to receive it. Her own Bible! She proudly showed others and they came requesting one also.

About an hour or so later I saw Michelle enjoying the music we were providing. Sandy was singing and God was continuing to answer our prayer. Shortly after, she came by and asked me where a certain scripture was—she was asking everyone. “Where is it in my Bible?” she asked enthusiastically. “I remember hearing it once and want to find it. The one that says, ‘Sing to the Lord, make a joyful noise….’ Show me where it is.” I knew it was in Psalms but not sure where—in fact, no one on the team could remember either. But that was just God’s plan so that He could speak to Michelle directly. I suggested she do what I do when I can’t find something – just open my Bible and start reading and ask the Lord to lead me to it. “He will, you know…He always does.”

It wasn’t long afterwards that Michelle came running up smiling from ear to ear. “I found it, I found it!” she exclaimed. “I just asked Him to help me and He did. It is Psalm 149! ‘Sing to the Lord a new song…..’” My heart leaped. She was so excited, so happy! I encouraged her to keep reading His Word, but she didn’t need any further encouragement at that point. She was glowing, shining…like new! I looked all around me and noticed many other smiling faces—children, teens, adults. It had been a good day.

As the bus drove away I watched out the window once more. But this time, instead of the dirt and rot and rust, I saw bright shiny spots. Here, there and everywhere. God had touched this place and it would never be the same. I remembered our missions slogan—Mission Possible: Transforming Trinidad. The Lord spoke softly: I am starting where I always start, from the inside out.

I turned for one last look as we drove back down the hill. I was leaving sooner than I had planned to help with another ministry, but it was in God’s perfect plan that I now found myself and I knew I’d be coming back. I turned to look at the others inside the bus and felt their heartbeat, in tune with my own.

Yes, God had touched this place and it would never be the same…and oh, how this place had touched us …and now we will never be the same.

“Sing to the Lord a NEW song, and His praise in the assembly of the saints. Let them rejoice in their Maker; Let the children of Zion be joyful in their King. Let them praise His name with the dance. Let them sing praises to Him with the timbrel and harp. For the Lord takes pleasure in His people. He will beautify the humble with Salvation. Let the saints be joyful in glory. Let them sing aloud on their beds.” — Psalm 149

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Testimony: Sandy F.

It has taken me a while to get this testimony down because I needed time to digest my experience. I came home from Trinidad a very tired, kind of sad person. Seeing children in orphanages was very upsetting to me. Having been to Africa, you would think that I wouldn’t have been as affected. But I couldn’t imagine my own children living in those conditions without a loving family. When I returned, people at work kept asking me about my experience and I kept trying to think of something good to say. The one thing that gave me a sense of comfort (regarding the children) is that the two churches we worked with were wonderful, loving people who truly cared about the children. I know that they will continue to work with the children and pour out the love of Jesus to them.

However, I did have some very special moments in Trinidad. On the first morning that I was there (Friday) Tony and I went to the morning prayer/devotional time with Pastor and the team. I was so moved by the beauty of the land and the beauty of our worship together. Then the pastor spoke about being bold in the Lord. Well, for those of you that know me, boldness is not my strength. But we loaded up and headed for the dump. As soon as I got out of the bus, there was a woman named Michelle standing alone. I approached her and asked how she was doing. She proceeded to tell me about her boyfriend beating her up and hurting her mouth, her epileptic seizures and two of her four children who were having medical issues. I immediately asked her if I could pray with her. I asked her if she knew Jesus as her Lord and Savior. I really couldn’t believe the words were coming out of my mouth, but the Lord totally used me because I was being obedient. I asked Nancy to pray with us and I just felt so good being able to pray for Michelle.

Two days later, shortly before the salvation show, one of the team members had a word from the Lord for me concerning a healing in my life and that I would be used to heal others. I had trouble hearing those words because I never thought that God would use me in that way. But after the salvation show, I went to the front and started praying for people. Almost all of the people that were brought to me were asking for some kind of healing. I remember praying for one young woman who also had epilepsy. As we prayed together, I felt so strongly that the Lord was healing her. She was crying, I was crying and the presence of the Lord was very strong.

So God led me to Trinidad not to minister to just the children, but to women in need as well. What a blessing to be used by God!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Testimony: Kate G.

On our second day, we visited the “Kisto House,” now more affectionately known as “Margaret’s Kids.” Soon after arriving there, I was blessed to have Leanna placed in my arms, her age was vague, but I would guess 6 or 7 months. As I held her and walked around I was compelled to step back and look around at the enormous amount of activity going on. I became overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord. Our team was hard at work. There were children trying on sneakers, our construction team working away on the bathroom (outside at this point so right in the midst of us)…other team members were still fixing the tree we decorated with the kids, others handing out snacks. Our teens were giving small lessons on their instruments that we had brought to minister in song, and still others were preparing the bicycles that would be brought in shortly. Everyone on our team had found a purpose, most without any direction, just lead by God spirit. It was a beautiful sight and one I will never forget.

As Leanna leaned her head on my shoulder, I became more focused on her and thought of my own children at this needy age, and realized how her moments with such intimacy were far different than those my children experienced at that age. It made me want to hold her tighter, as though that would carry her over somehow. She never cried, fussed, or complained. She just settled herself into my arms and knew it was safe. Handing her back to one of the teenage volunteers was hard; I prayed a silent blessing on her and kissed her little head. “Bye Leanna. May you someday find comfort in the loving arms of Jesus, may you come to know His love, His power, and His desire to give you a future and a hope.”

Friday, December 23, 2005

Testimony: Walt J.

She was standing waiting and watching for the chicken to be done. She cradled a new Bible. I asked if she would allow me to show her a verse in the Bible. She handed the Bible to me and I hastened to find John 3:16. She asked if I wanted to hear her memory verse for the week. My fingers found John 3:16 and before I could read it to her she began: "For God so loved the world." Tears filled my eyes as the open Bible revealed that which I sought to share with her. She then asked, "Do you know the 23rd Psalm?" When I nodded yes, we recited it together. "Are you coming back," she asked. Someday, I replied, but until then keep reading this great book. "I will look for you." Look for me were my last words to her.

They call it the dump. The Arima church ministers there on Sunday evenings. The Lord is raising up his people from this rubble. How blessed to meet one of them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Testimony: Meghan M.

First of all I wanted to thank all of you for your support in helping me and all the others to get to Trinidad. All of you were a part of this mission’s trip and you were all in our hearts. My job was to be a part of the children’s team. As part of this team we visited with the children and got to play with them and talk with them. Each child was unique and radiant in their own way. During the week that I was in Trinidad I learned so much from these kids.

For example, the first house we went to was the Kistow house. There were about 39 kids in the house and all of them were so loving and kind. All 39 kids lived in two rooms, one side was the boys and the other side the girls. Both of these rooms had at least 12 to 15 beds in them. Most of these children didn’t know their age, and were never loved by their parents. Still these were the happiest kids that I have ever seen. This was amazing to me. These kids have so little yet are so content. At another orphanage we went to on Thursday morning I learned another lesson. The second we got out of our maxi (which is the Trinidad taxi) the kids surrounded us and helped us to bring in all our stuff. When I was setting up for the arts and crafts station they kept asking me if I needed help. Even though these kids knew that we could unload and do things for ourselves they were always there to give a helping hand. That is an example of a servant. At all of the orphanages we went to I saw what inside beauty was. These kids simply shined despite their raggedy clothes and desperate living conditions. I remember thinking to myself at everyplace I went how blessed I was to own more than one pair of shoes, to have two loving parents, to have a house with drinkable running water and the list went on and on and on.

Two of my favorite memories were ones that I will never ever forget. The first was when one of the little girls named Rohanna from the Hope house, who was 4 years old, crawled into my lap and told me that she loved me and wished she could go home with me. That was a heart wrenching moment. I do wish that I was able to take her home with me. Most of these kids who were hurt by their parents and many others were able to open up to us. The second moment that was great was when we did the salvation show. I remember praying throughout the whole salvation show hoping that these people would experience the same love that I have. When the altar call finally came up I was so happy to see so many people stand-up. It moved me to tears!!!

I am so grateful that I was able to go on this mission’s trip and was able to share the love and grace that God has shown me through the years. I have taken a lot of lessons and memories from this trip that I will never forget. Again thank-you for giving me this opportunity. May God bless you as he has blessed me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Top religious trends of 2005 - and where are we headed?

George Barna, perhaps the leading church researcher in the U. S., has come out with his review of the top trends in the church world in 2005. Among the more alarming things he mentions is the rise of Biblical illiteracy, particularly among youth, which he traces in part to the decline in family devotions.

Let's work and pray to reverse that trend, which could lead our nation to become like Europe, completely secularized and without hope to pass on to the next generations. Seeking purpose and meaning in life, some ethnic Europeans are converting to radical Islam - one Belgian girl, Murielle Degauque, even blowing herself up as a suicide bomber in Iraq recently.

Chuck Colson writes in a recent "Breakpoint" commentary:

This shocking incident reminds us that Islam is no longer confined to oppressed and angry Arabs. It is in our midst and deadly dangerous. But there’s something else going on: that is, the cultural setting in which people like Degauque make their choices....

The effects of European secularism, you see, are not limited to the children of Muslim immigrants. A culture where barely half the people believe in God, and far fewer practice any religion at all, cannot compete with Islam’s vitality. While Europeans have ceased believing in God, they and their children have not stopped needing Him: Their need for meaning and purpose has not gone away. They have just been convinced that these will not be found inside a Christian church.

I don't believe this has to be our future; indeed, there are signs of life for the American Church. Nor does the weakeness of faith in Europe negate what God is doing all over the world, shaking Asia, Africa, and Latin America with powerful revivals. Let's press in together in prayer to see a mighty outpouring of God's grace in our region in 2006 and beyond!

Monday, December 19, 2005

TV show spotlights students praying for Supreme Court

View this video from ABC's Nightline about student interns in Washington, D.C. praying for the Supreme Court and asking God to intervene in our nation. Includes an interview with Lou Engle, author and founder of this prayer ministry, known as Justice House of Prayer. It's rare to see a news spot that doesn't make all believers, especially the ardent ones, look like they're off their rockers.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Testimony: Dawn D.

I can't believe it's a week since we left for Trinidad!! I am forever changed from this missions trip. I thought I was going there to bless people but was I wrong!! I was the one blessed more than my heart can express. There were so many special times that I endured on this trip. Times of laughter, tears, and exhaustion.

I was so taken by the love from the Kids at Hope Centre. I actually fell in love with three sisters whose mom had died at child birth with the last child and the father is in jail. These children were abused but the joy and love that they expressed was incredible. They just came and sat on our laps, played with our hair like they knew us for years. I believe I am going to be able to sow into those young girls lives again!

One particular moment at Hope Centre I was walking through the home. I went into one of the girls room to find one girl lying in bed with a fever. I asked her if I could pray with her and if she knew Jesus. She pointed to a picture she had of Jesus over her bed. As I began to pray for God to heal her body, I just felt an overwhelming joy come over me for this girl. I prayed speaking life into her and the future that the Lord has for her. She then got up and joined the fun. And guess
what? The fever was gone!! Praise the Lord! These are God's children and I am glad that I got to be part of it!!

There is so much more to tell. St. Mary's was really hard for me, but we are not finished there as the crew knows. Thanks, Harvest Time, for sending us out into the world to set the captives free.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Testimony: Sharon S.

My unsaved friends and family members think that I'm so awesome because I go on missions trips, what a joke! They should only know how small I really feel when I go to love these people and they pour it back ten-fold! I knew from the second it was announced that I was going to Trinidad. I had to see these children. But God in His infinite wisdom had another plan. He gets you addicted. You know what I love about God? You can't out do Him. So as much as I try to pour out my love, the more it comes back.

I had three very special moments where God once again solidified exactly why I was on this trip. Lady Hochoy is a special school. The children do not live here but come every day for vocational training or traditional academic classes. What makes this school so unique is that it caters to all. We worked with children who were mentally and physically challenged, whose mom's were in a shelter for battered women, from orphanages, and from the neighborhood. The love that poured out from these kids was amazing, but more than this was how they interacted with each other. I was on the recreation team so we needed to come up with age-appropriate games as the children rotated in different groups. I was so blown away how the children did not show any prejudice towards each other but actually helped the other children who were not so capable to play. They showed patience and kindness well beyond their years. What a perfect place this world would be if we lived like Lady Hochoy's.

My dream has been to dance for God. For the past two months I focused on learning the steps to a dance we performed in Trinidad, and wanting to do it right, I lost sight of the big picture. God met me again. Standing on stage at the Salvation Show with the lights off, the music came on and the crowd of over 1,000 people went crazy to the sounds of Kirk Franklin's "Awesome God." We hadn't done anything yet but this is what it was all about--giving God the glory! We turned around and they saw the glow in the dark figures and went crazy again. What an honor to be able to use the talents He gave to glorify His name.

From the time of our first visit to Trinidad in September, I made a very special connection with the hotel staff I was dealing with to make all of the arrangements. I shared with them about what we would be doing and that I expected them to be at the Salvation Show. When we were checking out at the end of the trip, I was finalizing the bill with Colleen, the front desk manager. She said she'd planned to go to the show but I didn't see anyone from the hotel that night. As Steve came up to pay the balance of the bill I explained how he was "the man" and she agreed, commenting on how dapper he looked in his tuxedo the night of the show. Colleen has a friend who belongs to Faith Centre who'd been trying to get her to come for years, but when I explained to her about the show and told her I was dancing she promised she'd come. Colleen continued speaking about the show and how awesome it was and then very casually at the end admitted how she rededicated her life to Christ that night. Praise God! I know a lot of you are probably used to being used by God to save souls, but for me it was only my second time to know that I had a direct influence. (The first time was also at the end of a trip--Africa in 2003.) So I'm two for two! Amen!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Testimony: 'Uncle' Carlos

Carlos Dossantos:

I was touched when I walked into Hope House knowing what these children had endured. The love there was something I will never forget!! I loved being called Uncle and being hugged. These children who had very little gave me love that was incredible, especially that they did not even know me!!! I am truly blessed and have walked away from this trip a changed man!! Here is a picture of me holding up one the children they kept saying, "Uncle pick me up, pick me up."

Missions team to post testimonies from trip

Our missionaries have returned from the hot weather and fertile spiritual soil of Trinidad, but they're not done telling their stories. Each of our missionaries will be posting a short testimony and picture from the trip right here in the blog, so come back often to read and see more from the missions field. And take the opportunity to start a dialog with them by posting your own thoughts by clicking "comments" below.

Contruction team builds boys bathroom

From Tony Fecci:

Here are the photos from "Kistow house," Sister Margaret Kistow's orphanage, where German, Alphonso, and myself -- along with help from Vic, Ted Darash, and our friends from Faith Centre, our loyal chauffeurs Glen and Antony who also worked so hard right along side us. Special thanks to Pastor (Max) Ali who continually supplied us with food and drink and encouragement as well.

German takes measurements before the team purchases materials to build a boys bathroom at the Kistow House.

We started Tuesday afternoon by surveying the job and purchasing materials, as well as going through the container shipment. Wednesday we hit the ground running with a vengeance sawing and smashing through the brick/block wall for the new doorway and continued our work every day through Saturday afternoon. We built complete bathroom addition with a stand up shower stall, wall sink and toilet from the ground up.

Alfonse makes sure things are level in the new bathroom.

German works on the shower stall while Tony works on walls.

We also purchased a new toilet locally to be replaced in another bath that desperately needs replacing.

God blessed us with Glen, our driver, who just happens to work for the sewer and water authority; with Roland, a neighborhood handyman who was anxious to learn the American style of construction and who is bringing this job to completion; and with Antony who jumped right in and worked as well as took most of the pictures.

The Staff at Faith Centre Church in San Fernando treated us like royalty and catered to our every need.

Thank you Lord & HT family for all your prayers and financial support. We felt your prayers carry us through when we had little sleep, little strength and 95 degree temps. Please pray For Sister Margaret, all of the children and that the Lord will provide means to eventually have a new facility.

Tony, Sister Margaret, German, and helpers with the nearly completed bathroom behind them.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trip ends on high note with Salvation Show and relaxation

From Tedd Darash:

The Faith Center was packed. The church did an incredible job filling their building for the presentation and Steve had a very attentive audience. They appreciated the introductory musical numbers and there was a group gasp at the beginning of the black lighted dance presentation.

The Salvation Show was executed with a couple of technical challenges but God's grace and presence were in the house. The response to the alter call was incredible. I do not have the count but well over 100 stood up on the main floor and more in the balconies. Once we get the count from Faith Center, we will let you know.

I am constrained to keep to a few words, but want to stay faithful to Kate's request. The show was outstanding.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), many of us will board a bus at 6:30 as Steve and Sunil have been invited to speak at a business men's breakfast at Faith Center. From there we will proceed to a quick shopping trip, hotel checkout and onto the airport.

Our R & R today (Monday) was a blessing for those that traveled to Tobago and those that did not. We all met in the evening for a wonderful dinner at the home of one of Faith Centers families.

God bless and much, much more to follow when we return................................

Monday, December 05, 2005

Update on sickness among the crew

I just got word from a couple members of the team in Trinidad and they say the illnesses they are getting are nothing serious...minor headaches and allergies resulting from a combination of fatigue, food, and bit of the enemy. Everyone is "doing fine," according to both Dawn and Tedd.

Dawn also asks that we pray for safety tonight (Monday) as she, Carlos, Tony and Sandi are flying back this evening.

The doctors are in...

Dr. Sarah examines a patient in Arima.

Dr. Sunil examines and talks with a family during a doctor's visit in Arima.

A Christmas cookout in Arima.

Master chef Steve cooks chicken for the people in Arima.

One of the youngest missionaries on the trip, Juho, with boys from Arima.

Children who live in Arima.

A sweetheart in Arima.

Pastor Chris with children in Arima.

Christmas comes early to children at St. Mary's

The missions team visited St. Mary's late last week to bring Christmas gifts donated by Harvest Time to the children.

Pastor Glenn with children at St. Mary's.

Pastor Chris with children at St. Mary's.

Children at St. Mary's receive Christmas presents.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Exhausting but blessed day

From Tedd Darash:

Today has been an exhausting day, but one filled with blessings too numerous to explain so late in the day. And that would just be what I experienced. There were between 230 and 300 children in Arima today, and I never did find out how many at the clinic. We went back to the hotel for a quick shower and meal and then headed to San Fernando to practice the Salvation Show. Our brothers and sisters and San Fernando are believing God for 300 souls Sunday, and so are we.

God bless and good night,


Pictures from The Faith Center in Arima

The missions team ministered to hundreds of people yesterday at The Faith Center in Arima.

A sign advertising the mission team's ministry in Arima.

Mari takes a break from working on the medical team to hold a baby.

A happy recipient of a Christmas box from Harvest Time.

A girl in Arima pauses while looking through her Christmas box.

Christmas comes early to a young boy in Arima.

The children are excited to receive Christmas boxes.

Medical team ministers to body and spirit

From Dr. Sunil Rana:

Dear Harvest Time,

Today was another day filled with God's glory and grace. We could feel God's Spirit touching the hearts of men and women. God is not just touching their bodies but their soul and spirit alike. We had a wonderful day ministering and bringing God's love to multitudes in the medical tent.

Thank you intercessors and prayer warriors for we know only God can do the things that happened today. Lives are getting changed and bodies are being healed.

We love you and miss you all.

Team cooks for a huge crowd at the dump

From Dawn Dossantos:

Well today was a very long day. We first went to the dump where we met the needs of the people who live there. The pictures we saw do not even compare to being there. It was something I will never forget. We are such a blessed nation! We had this huge barbecue going with over 500 pieces of chicken cooking in the middle of people driving up and dumping garbage! We were playing music and meeting the medical needs of over 200-300 people. We had to turn people away. The wait for food was over an 1 hour. We fed over 400 people but of course God provided. Everyone ate!

There were times you would look up in the sky and see hundreds of ravens seeking out food. It was amazing.

We also went to St. Mary's; that was a tough day. These kids were wounded. To see when we got there that there was no hope in their eyes. But at the end of the day to see the smiles on their face was refreshing. We need to keep praying that these children will be adopted. It was overwhelming for most of the crew to see this kids not getting the love they need.

Tommorow we head out to Arima to minister up to 300 kids..........

Children's team has fun with soccer

From Valerie Morris:

Today was a great day. We went to the dump first and it was mostly just hanging out with the kids and singing and entertaining them. The doctors saw a lot of patients too (I think around 150-200 people). And they cooked a bunch of chicken and rice.

Then we went to St. Mary's orphanage and it was hard, but it was fun. I played soccer with the kids for 3 hours..the kids were supposed to rotate to their next station, but never did, so we just ended up playing soccer. And these kids are amazing at soccer.

Last night, there was actually a small earthquake (churchquake Debbie Morris) in Trinidad that woke up a few people. It didn't wake me up, but people said that it was really loud. (Check out an article about the earthquake by clicking here.)

Mari Martinez says hi to everyone at Harvest Time.

St. Mary's overheard some of the girls opening their boxes and were getting excited with everything they found in there, they were extremely blessed. They were thrilled to open the blessing boxes. They loved our blessing boxes.

Sign up for Christmas Choir!

It's that time of year!

Be sure to sign up for the Christmas Choir, which will meet this Tuesday at 7:00 p.m., as we start to get ready for a wonderful Christmas Eve celebration in the Lord's Presence. If you can sing even a little bit, we would love to have you.

Call the church office at (203) 531-7778, or e-mail Pastor Nick by clicking this link.

And yes, Virginia, there will be childcare!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Prayer Requests direct from Trinidad!

Please lift up these prayer requests from Trinidad to the Lord

For the Crew: for health and protection and unity. Continue to pray especially for health - many of the crew have gotten sick. Pray also for energy - refreshing of the crew!

For The Salvation Show (Sunday at 7:00 pm): pray for God's anointing! Pray especially for a space situation (need more room!) Pray for some vital pieces needed - especially the spotlight.

For Ministry: Pray for God's anointing on each area of Ministry. For His Wisdom, Guidance and Direction each step of the way. For God's leading and special anointing - that He would not be limited in all He wants to do and accomplish in each area of Ministry and through each Minister of His Gospel.

  • Pray especially for Kate as she prepares to speak to the abused and battered women. (Date and time of this meeting to be announced.) Four salvations! Wonderful gathering with very special women from Battered Women's Home (20+). All received Bibles and other gifts. Many asked us to keep in touch w/them. (A list of specific prayer requests from them will be forwarded shortly.)
  • For the Cover: pray for everyone to be diligent and consistent in praying for the Crew. Please press in now - we need your prayer support more than ever these last few days. Pray specifically for God's provision as there have been additional children showing up each day. Pray "the fishes and the loaves" over our Blessing Boxes/Gifts - that God will give the increase! Also, for the Medical - many more than expected are coming - pray that God will multiply the medication. Better yet - pray for miraculous healings!
  • For God's Will to be done... for miracles, signs, and wonders! Yes! Keep believing and praying!
For the People of Trinidad: - for TRANSFORMATION! For God's Promises to be fulfilled. Continue to be in constant prayer for these people now and throughout this Mission! God is transforming from the inside out - starting with the dump!

Praise God:

  • For beautiful weather!
  • For the Kistow House construction - coming along nicely! (This is Margaret - the woman who took in the 40 children!) Continue to pray for these very precious children and the (additional) plan God has for them and Margaret (abundantly above and beyond ........." ! Eph. 3:20!).
  • For Hope House and the opportunity to love and embrace these very special and beautiful, beautiful children!
Mark your calendars! The Crew continues to minister in Trinidad until December 6th!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Medical team day one: 177 patients

From Dr. Sunil Rana:

Dear Harvest Time,

Today was day one of the medical missions at Hope Faith Center. It was awesome to be with the people of Trinidad. They were praying for the whole mission and today was their miracle service as well. We had about 177 people seen by the medical team. We lift them in our prayers as well as physical healing. I could feel your prayer cover throughout the time the medical team was ministering.

Thank you so much Harvest Time for your prayer and sacrifice.

Sunil Rana

Having fun with the kids

From Valerie Morris:

Hey, today was awesome..even though it's tough when you're tired and it's really hot. First we went to Lady Hochoys and then at 4pm we went to the Center of Hope. At Lady Hochoys we broke off into our groups. The kids are so different than American kids. They're so energetic and eager for anything you have for them. And you can't stop smiling despite your discomfort because you just love them. They're always smiling too--which you can't help but smile about as well. At the Center of Hope the kids were even more eager. We sang and danced with them--and they joined in as well. But it is sad knowing that some were abused. We gave them new shoes, new bikes, and stuffed animals--and they loved all of it. I just pray that tomorrow we can have the same if not an even greater impact.

Fun at Lady Hochoys.

Sister Antoinette, who is in charge of Lady Hochoy, presents a youth with a present.

The children receive presents at Lady Hochoy.

The Hope Center.

The Hope Center youth group dances.

Youth and children at the Hope Center.

More pictures from the Kristow House

Tedd Darash sends more pictures from the Kristow House and the children receiving bikes, sneakers, and Christmas presents.

With a huge smile, a youth rides her new bike at the Kristow house.

Nancy helps a youth with her new pair of sneakers. Look at how excited they both are!

Erica and Pastor Chris recruit youth group musicians at the Kristow House.

Meghan and Mari with kids at the Kristow House.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A picture is worth a thousand words

(Note: click pictures to enlarge them; click the back button to return to the blog.)

From Tedd Darash:

More from Trinidad. The construction crew made great progress with the Kistow house bathroom. And the sneakers, Christmas Tree, and bicycle time were worth all the time and energy spent on making it happen.

German working at the Kristow house.

A boy at the Kristow house.

A boy at the Kristow house.

Walt makes a new friend at the Kristow house.

Children enjoy new sneakers donated by Harvest Time Church.

Children at the Kristow house gather around a Christmas tree.