Friday, December 02, 2005

More pictures from the Kristow House

Tedd Darash sends more pictures from the Kristow House and the children receiving bikes, sneakers, and Christmas presents.

With a huge smile, a youth rides her new bike at the Kristow house.

Nancy helps a youth with her new pair of sneakers. Look at how excited they both are!

Erica and Pastor Chris recruit youth group musicians at the Kristow House.

Meghan and Mari with kids at the Kristow House.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, My Name is Rossman Mendoza, I grew up at the Margaret Kistow Children's Home In Trinidad. I was Looking online off old clippings of the home for a Project at school. And i came across a lot, But for some reason i pick this one. And i am going to be Honest, I feel like the grace of god lead me to this one, Because i was in Trinidad when this group did all this work, Gave the home a new room and bathroom. I was also so active with the group because i felt a joy from them. We at the home had the need for their help and the group had a need to do God's work and also to pass on the love they wanted to share so much. I don't think the feeling i got with this Group of bless people, I will ever get it again, They had the lord on their side, they also opened my eye's to knowing God Greatly much more. I am so happy that i came across this issue and i thank god for leading me to it. I am out here in London Studying, And to be honest most times it is very hard for me to do my studies and make ends meet. But when i think or see stuff like this in my past life, I get the feeling of doing the right things and Trying to put my best foot forward. It's Hard at times, but i know great Person's like this group is counting on me to do the right things. I want to say to every Member of the group, I want to pray that the good lord keep and bless you all, and you all continue to do his work, and please don't ever forget the Kistow Home. I will be so nice of you to visit again. I want to thank everyone who had faith in us, and gave us a new start also. Feel free to Call Margaret Kistow at 1-868-769-9163. and i am sure she will be happy to here from you all. Feel free to email me at or Please continue to do the good work of god and all his blessings to everyone of you all. God Bless.