Sunday, December 04, 2005

Team cooks for a huge crowd at the dump

From Dawn Dossantos:

Well today was a very long day. We first went to the dump where we met the needs of the people who live there. The pictures we saw do not even compare to being there. It was something I will never forget. We are such a blessed nation! We had this huge barbecue going with over 500 pieces of chicken cooking in the middle of people driving up and dumping garbage! We were playing music and meeting the medical needs of over 200-300 people. We had to turn people away. The wait for food was over an 1 hour. We fed over 400 people but of course God provided. Everyone ate!

There were times you would look up in the sky and see hundreds of ravens seeking out food. It was amazing.

We also went to St. Mary's; that was a tough day. These kids were wounded. To see when we got there that there was no hope in their eyes. But at the end of the day to see the smiles on their face was refreshing. We need to keep praying that these children will be adopted. It was overwhelming for most of the crew to see this kids not getting the love they need.

Tommorow we head out to Arima to minister up to 300 kids..........

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