Sunday, December 11, 2005

Contruction team builds boys bathroom

From Tony Fecci:

Here are the photos from "Kistow house," Sister Margaret Kistow's orphanage, where German, Alphonso, and myself -- along with help from Vic, Ted Darash, and our friends from Faith Centre, our loyal chauffeurs Glen and Antony who also worked so hard right along side us. Special thanks to Pastor (Max) Ali who continually supplied us with food and drink and encouragement as well.

German takes measurements before the team purchases materials to build a boys bathroom at the Kistow House.

We started Tuesday afternoon by surveying the job and purchasing materials, as well as going through the container shipment. Wednesday we hit the ground running with a vengeance sawing and smashing through the brick/block wall for the new doorway and continued our work every day through Saturday afternoon. We built complete bathroom addition with a stand up shower stall, wall sink and toilet from the ground up.

Alfonse makes sure things are level in the new bathroom.

German works on the shower stall while Tony works on walls.

We also purchased a new toilet locally to be replaced in another bath that desperately needs replacing.

God blessed us with Glen, our driver, who just happens to work for the sewer and water authority; with Roland, a neighborhood handyman who was anxious to learn the American style of construction and who is bringing this job to completion; and with Antony who jumped right in and worked as well as took most of the pictures.

The Staff at Faith Centre Church in San Fernando treated us like royalty and catered to our every need.

Thank you Lord & HT family for all your prayers and financial support. We felt your prayers carry us through when we had little sleep, little strength and 95 degree temps. Please pray For Sister Margaret, all of the children and that the Lord will provide means to eventually have a new facility.

Tony, Sister Margaret, German, and helpers with the nearly completed bathroom behind them.

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