Friday, December 30, 2005

Testimony: Nancy M.

It seemed like all of a sudden everything changed, almost as though we were now moving in slow motion. The normally speedy maxi (bus) which usually kept us holding on seemed to shift into another gear—another zone—as I turned my head to look out the window. The clamber of voices and laughter faded into distant sounds as the sights before me grew more vivid. We were approaching our destination. What was known as the ‘noisy’ bus now grew quieter as we continued to make the climb. My heart started pounding and I felt the need to pray. We were here…at the dump!

I stepped off of the bus into the mud. All around me was mud—and dirt, and rot and decay, and rust, rust and more rust. I was still praying as I continued to walk and look around me when I heard my name. Sandy F. was waving me over. She was standing with a young woman named Michelle who needed prayer—prayer for healing, physically, but the emotional scars were evident. We prayed. Something was happening. A feeling of heaviness lifted as we said amen. Sandy and I exchanged glances. It was a good prayer. Michelle told us she knew the Lord but did not have a Bible. It was exciting to present her with one, and she was excited to receive it. Her own Bible! She proudly showed others and they came requesting one also.

About an hour or so later I saw Michelle enjoying the music we were providing. Sandy was singing and God was continuing to answer our prayer. Shortly after, she came by and asked me where a certain scripture was—she was asking everyone. “Where is it in my Bible?” she asked enthusiastically. “I remember hearing it once and want to find it. The one that says, ‘Sing to the Lord, make a joyful noise….’ Show me where it is.” I knew it was in Psalms but not sure where—in fact, no one on the team could remember either. But that was just God’s plan so that He could speak to Michelle directly. I suggested she do what I do when I can’t find something – just open my Bible and start reading and ask the Lord to lead me to it. “He will, you know…He always does.”

It wasn’t long afterwards that Michelle came running up smiling from ear to ear. “I found it, I found it!” she exclaimed. “I just asked Him to help me and He did. It is Psalm 149! ‘Sing to the Lord a new song…..’” My heart leaped. She was so excited, so happy! I encouraged her to keep reading His Word, but she didn’t need any further encouragement at that point. She was glowing, shining…like new! I looked all around me and noticed many other smiling faces—children, teens, adults. It had been a good day.

As the bus drove away I watched out the window once more. But this time, instead of the dirt and rot and rust, I saw bright shiny spots. Here, there and everywhere. God had touched this place and it would never be the same. I remembered our missions slogan—Mission Possible: Transforming Trinidad. The Lord spoke softly: I am starting where I always start, from the inside out.

I turned for one last look as we drove back down the hill. I was leaving sooner than I had planned to help with another ministry, but it was in God’s perfect plan that I now found myself and I knew I’d be coming back. I turned to look at the others inside the bus and felt their heartbeat, in tune with my own.

Yes, God had touched this place and it would never be the same…and oh, how this place had touched us …and now we will never be the same.

“Sing to the Lord a NEW song, and His praise in the assembly of the saints. Let them rejoice in their Maker; Let the children of Zion be joyful in their King. Let them praise His name with the dance. Let them sing praises to Him with the timbrel and harp. For the Lord takes pleasure in His people. He will beautify the humble with Salvation. Let the saints be joyful in glory. Let them sing aloud on their beds.” — Psalm 149

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