Friday, December 02, 2005

Having fun with the kids

From Valerie Morris:

Hey, today was awesome..even though it's tough when you're tired and it's really hot. First we went to Lady Hochoys and then at 4pm we went to the Center of Hope. At Lady Hochoys we broke off into our groups. The kids are so different than American kids. They're so energetic and eager for anything you have for them. And you can't stop smiling despite your discomfort because you just love them. They're always smiling too--which you can't help but smile about as well. At the Center of Hope the kids were even more eager. We sang and danced with them--and they joined in as well. But it is sad knowing that some were abused. We gave them new shoes, new bikes, and stuffed animals--and they loved all of it. I just pray that tomorrow we can have the same if not an even greater impact.

Fun at Lady Hochoys.

Sister Antoinette, who is in charge of Lady Hochoy, presents a youth with a present.

The children receive presents at Lady Hochoy.

The Hope Center.

The Hope Center youth group dances.

Youth and children at the Hope Center.

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