Sunday, December 04, 2005

Children's team has fun with soccer

From Valerie Morris:

Today was a great day. We went to the dump first and it was mostly just hanging out with the kids and singing and entertaining them. The doctors saw a lot of patients too (I think around 150-200 people). And they cooked a bunch of chicken and rice.

Then we went to St. Mary's orphanage and it was hard, but it was fun. I played soccer with the kids for 3 hours..the kids were supposed to rotate to their next station, but never did, so we just ended up playing soccer. And these kids are amazing at soccer.

Last night, there was actually a small earthquake (churchquake Debbie Morris) in Trinidad that woke up a few people. It didn't wake me up, but people said that it was really loud. (Check out an article about the earthquake by clicking here.)

Mari Martinez says hi to everyone at Harvest Time.

St. Mary's overheard some of the girls opening their boxes and were getting excited with everything they found in there, they were extremely blessed. They were thrilled to open the blessing boxes. They loved our blessing boxes.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Val! This Is Nicky Uva! I just think It's really cool that you, Meghan, Juho, Dylan, Peter, Kyle, and other youth (if I forgot any)are down there. I hope you guys aren't sick adn I hope the earthquake didn't do any damage. I'll be prating for the youth as well as the rest of the crew. Hope you guys get back safe, not sick, and glad at the good job you have done in Trinidad! - Nicky Uva (13)