Friday, December 23, 2005

Testimony: Walt J.

She was standing waiting and watching for the chicken to be done. She cradled a new Bible. I asked if she would allow me to show her a verse in the Bible. She handed the Bible to me and I hastened to find John 3:16. She asked if I wanted to hear her memory verse for the week. My fingers found John 3:16 and before I could read it to her she began: "For God so loved the world." Tears filled my eyes as the open Bible revealed that which I sought to share with her. She then asked, "Do you know the 23rd Psalm?" When I nodded yes, we recited it together. "Are you coming back," she asked. Someday, I replied, but until then keep reading this great book. "I will look for you." Look for me were my last words to her.

They call it the dump. The Arima church ministers there on Sunday evenings. The Lord is raising up his people from this rubble. How blessed to meet one of them.

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