Saturday, January 21, 2006

Testimony: Bernie C.

I always said that I am too old and weak to do missions, but this Mission Trip to Trinidad stayed in my heart, so I said I need a confirmation from the Lord to go. I was reading 40-Days of Purpose and it said that you are not too old for missions. Some of my friends also gave me some kind of confirmation, but I did not listen. Then, one night when I arrived at our missions meeting just as I came in the door Steve pointed his finger at me with a strong and stern voice and said, “You are going on this Missions Trip.” I got scared and I went. This trip was the best blessing that the Lord has given me.

On the first trip to Kistow House, my first time to go to an orphanage, I was shocked and in tears. I looked at the eyes of the kids and saw there is something in their eyes that was missing and it touched my whole being. When we started the singing and decorating the Christmas tree the kids became lively and with smiles they helped with the decorations. The giving of the sneakers and especially the bicycle gave glow to their eyes and they became very excited and everyone wanted to get the first ride. That was fun!

On the VBS at Lady Ho Choy I was in charge of the children’s snack. It was just a joy to serve the down syndrome teenagers because they love the Lord. I got the idea of asking them to sing while waiting so everyone wanted to sing and dance and we all enjoyed singing together and one girl danced the African dance. That was great!

The 2nd VBS at St. Mary’s was with over 200 kids. While having the snack with the teenagers, there was one boy who carried his test paper with the grade of 95 and was trying to show it to anyone who would be interested. Me and my coworker focused on this need and we gave him praise and advice about continuing his education. He and the others interacted and talked about working hard to study and have an education. Then I heard that those kids over 18 are sent out in the street because they only house kids up to 18 years old, and sometimes they have nothing to eat out there so they go back to the orphanage to beg for food. I cannot do anything but pray for these kids and their future daily.

The dump experience was great. I was giving out tracks and these kids were following me and asking for tracks for their whole family. I was so excited while giving out these tracks. What I have noticed in these areas, the families are really poor but the children are different – they are happier and when you look in their eyes they are content. Then I realized that these kids are blessed because they have parents and they care and love and protect and feed them and do other personal matters in the family.

I ended up with diversified job helping in the shoe box preparation – organizing and checking the contents, removing the chocolate candy that had melted in some (!) and setting up a system for quick distribution. At the Faith Center we gave over (200++) gifts and shoeboxes and I bathed in my own perspiration.

I also joined the Salvation Show and that was a great show. At the end we stood in the back of the church. When the first call for salvation came only a few people stood up. We were all praying in the back. On the 2nd call a man went to the altar and over 100 people stood up and 6-8 orphaned children received the Lord. (These were the kids we ministered to at Hope Center!) That was a great night and the joy that I experienced there was indescribable.

It is great to work for the Lord. I came back a changed person and if it is God’s Will, I will go again.

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