Thursday, January 26, 2006

More website changes

Hello Harvest Time,

Please stop by the website and see the changes we've made over the past week, including

  • Lots of new text and information on the church in general such as our history and the story of how God led us to our new property.
  • Complete calendar information which includes online registration for many events - especially appealing to those of you who never remember to sign those clipboards at the Welcome Center!
  • A growing photo gallery which will include pictures of special events - stop by and see Trinidad photos you might have missed.
  • News and services information right on the home page.
  • Schedules for ministries such as Greeters, Nursery, PowerPoint, Ushers, and Worship Team are now all online (please note: private information such as e-mails and phone numbers will not appear). Just go to the Ministries section and find your ministry. If it's not there yet, we didn't forget you, we're still working on it!
  • Class notes for certain ongoing Bible studies have also been posted, such as Christian Life Workshops 2 and 3, and Young at Heart.
If you've been waiting to really use the website until it was a little more fleshed out - then the wait is over! Thanks for your patience!

Ministry leaders, please send along any additional information you'd like your teams to be able to see online - there's even room for a photo or two.

Pastor Nick

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