Sunday, January 22, 2006

Website changes to check out -

Hello all! We've been working to upgrade the readability and usefulness of our website. Stop by and explore - although it doesn't yet contain everything we'd like, we're adding to it all the time. Already there are more news events and more helpful ministry features.

Attention Ministry leaders!
We're now able to upload documents or messages you'd like your teams to have onto the Web. For example, we have recently posted the ushers' and PowerPoint teams' schedules, as well as class notes for Christian Life Workshops 2 and 3. For an example, go to the site, then click on Ministries, then Media and Tech, and you'll see the PowerPoint ministry schedule.

We'll be working to flesh out more areas, but we need your help. Send anything you would liek to appear on the site to Pastor Nick. We can accept just about any format - Word, PDF, even pictures of your ministry in action!

Please note; if you do not see your ministry there yet, it's not because we forgot about you! We will gradually get everyone up there so the congregation and the community can see how we at Harvest Time are reaching out with the love of the Lord!

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