Saturday, March 04, 2006

Missions Convention continues tonight...

We've already been blessed by the ministry of Teen Challenge last night and by the Ladies' Breakfast this morning, but there's more to come!

Tonight at 6:30 pm International Family Cuisine Night

Featuring: International Taste-Testing Appetizers and Desserts from around the world

Special Guests: Evangel Team "OATH" (Only Anointed Through Him) The Evangel Team comes to us from Evangel University in Missouri and consists of 19 youth from around the country. They bring with them an anointed program of drama and music. On fire for the Lord, these youth will also be ministering around our community during their 10-day visit.

Tomorrw, Sunday, March 6, 2006: Faith Promise Sunday

Children's Mission Parade

Special Guest: Warren Van Dolsen,
20+ Year Missionary to Mexico and now to Milan, Italy

One of Harvest Time’s first Missionaries, The Van Dolsens have devoted over 20 years on the Mission Field. While in Mexico they helped pioneer and pastor 2 churches. As ICI director, they worked with LACC & ICI/Global University. Their mission the past 4 years has been to identify, equip and encourage Mexican believers called to plan and grow churches in Mexico City, working predominantly with the Anna Sanders Bible Institute, overseeing the remodeling of a 400-year-old building as well as developing a mentoring and student ministry program for the school. The Van Dolsens adopted 2 children from Mexico. At present they are in the US for itineration, preparing to go to Milan, Italy to start an International Church.

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