Friday, November 17, 2006

Major Changes in Harvest Time's Online Resources

We're making some changes to help you access Harvest Time information better and have fun doing it, too! Two things we want you to be aware of:

1. Flickr

What's a flickr? Flickr is the leading photo website on the entire Web, and now Harvest Time has its own Flickr site!

You can see Harvest Time's pictures by visiting this address:

There are tons of great features, albums to see and no passwords or accounts are needed to view pictures.

Do you have some great HT pictures you'd like us to post? Send in your great digital pictures to the church office. (Sorry - no time to scan!) It can be a photo of a church event, or even a great picture of Greenwich. Remember... these photos, once submitted, will be posted online. Don't panic - if you see a picture of yourself online that you'd like pulled, just let us know. We aim to please! So... start sending us your best HT pictures!

2. Airset Calendar to be replaced by Google Calendar

I'm afraid that the Airset experiment is not working out. Although it has some great features, the need for a password can create extra steps and annoyances for some people. Also, we do have a privacy concern with Airset as there may not be sufficient anonymity, particularly as the church continues to grow. For these reasons, we will no longer be updating the Airset calendar. It will not be taken down right away, so if you need data, it will still be available.

In place of Airset, we will begin to use Google Calendar as a web calendar. Google Calendar is up and coming and I think you'll enjoy it. The link to the calendar is impossibly long, so access it via the links on this blog or through the home page of our website at No passwords needed! We'll continue to update the events list on the website, of course.

(Bonus for Gmail users: if you are using Google Calendar as your personal calendar, you will be able to subscribe to HT's Google calendar. How cool is that?)

Please contact us if you have any comments or questions about these two steps, and thanks!

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