Sunday, November 09, 2008

Day 52: The place God has chosen for us

He shall choose our inheritance for us… (Psalm 47:4)

God has a vision for our future! His ancient worshippers knew that they were not a mere collection of individuals, but a people to whom He would give a common inheritance, specially selected and held aside for them.

In recent years we’ve felt the same sense of wonder and trust as they did as we’ve watched the Providence of God work on our behalf over and over. Whether it was preserving property for us, bringing us into important relationships, or miraculously supplying a need, the story of Harvest Time is a testament to God’s abundant faithfulness. Many times we’ve had the reassuring feeling that He is pulling us into something so wonderful that it could only have come from His hand.

At the Lord’s prompting we’ve worked and sacrificed, and He has been faithful to multiply the resources of time and finances we’ve entrusted to Him. Now we have the chance once more to prove – and demonstrate to the world – His faithfulness, and to partner with Him in what Nehemiah would have referred to as a “great work.” Let us arise and build!

Father, we thank You for the way You have led us over the past few years. Seeing the record of Your faithfulness strengthens our faith that You will lead us into the fullness of the inheritance You have for us – please continue to share with us Your vision for our future, and give us the grace to step into it with confidence and joy! As we sow, we rejoice at the opportunity to be Your instruments, Your partners, in bringing what will be nothing less than a new era of Christian witness and service to the region.

Let the hand of the Lord our God be upon us for good!

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