Thursday, May 18, 2006

May 17th Revival Update

Last night was another night of celebration in God's house, as 164 decision cards were brought in and "thrown before the Lord!"

Read this powerful testimony: a man went to share the Lord with someone who was in a coma. Although perhaps not being 100% sure if the sick person could could hear him, he prayed for his friend anyway. At the point in the prayer where the person would ordinarily ask Christ into his heart, the comatose man opened his eyes and squeezed the hand of the man who was praying! The Word of God is truly alive and powerful.

People are picking up the habit of sharing Christ all over. A young security guard was led to the Lord in the mall today while helping a sister find a store. Another sister in the congregation led four members of her family to Christ at dinner!

Thank God for what He's doing!

Come out tonight for more great reports and a wonderful time of seeking God, at 7 PM.

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