Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Popular 40 Days of Purpose course returns to Harvest Time!

Find out what on Earth you're here for!

What is 40 Days of Purpose?

  • A spiritual growth emphasis in which we'll discover and learn to walk in God's purposes for our lives.
  • A journey in which we'll explore God's 5 purposes for each one of our lives and answer the question, "What On Earth Am I Here For?"
  • A national campaign that literally thousands of churches have participated in.

40 Days of Purpose is based on the book The Purpose-Driven Life, by Pastor Rick Warren. Over 25 million copies of this book have been sold, making it the best-selling non-fiction book... ever! Forty brief, daily readings help us connect with God's plan for our lives. We'll also study a special Purpose-Driven Life curriculum in small groups over six weeks.

The Campaign begins with a Simulcast of a message by Pastor Rick Warren on Tuesday evening, June 6. On Wednesday, June 7th, we'll also begin reading The Purpose-Driven Life together, one chapter a day.

Join us and discover the excitement of purpose-driven living!

Register by clicking here.

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