Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Faith Works" Rebuilding Gulf Coast Missions Project 2007!

Tony, our plumbing expert!

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Be in prayer for our missions team who are currently hard at work on the Gulf Coast ministering in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina! Here's what's happening:

The guys worshiped with Pastor Derek Burchert of World Prayer Tabernacle, Chalmette LA, the church we are helping rebuild in Phase 2 of Faith Works. Make no mistake - the church building may have been destroyed by the weapons of the enemy, but the Spirit of the Lord is alive and well in the heart and lives of these believers.

The worship was anointed and powerful: one of our own, Prince, Steve's employee, responded to the altar call and gave his heart and life to the Lord. To God be the Glory! After the service, one of the elders of the church, Bro. Ray Gremillion, cooked a wonderful Cajun meal. If we keep eating like this our housing project may turn into a Medical Missions project before the end of the week! After the meal we met with Pastor Derek and his staff to review their vision for rebuilding their church.

Continue to pray that people will see the glory of the Lord through our lives.

God Bless,
Ricky & Christie

We started the week off with an anointing service. Christie reminded the group of the promise we heard regarding the blessings that are on the body of Harvest Time everytime it snows. Friday evening just prior to beginning our trip south, a light snow began to fall, and in every state we traveled in during the next 24 hrs snow continued falling - just a reminder that we are in step with God's will in the Gulf Coast Area.

God gave Christie 3 prophetic words for the week from Exodus 33: 12-36:6, when Moses returned from Mt Sinai the second time:

1. Even after Moses saw the glory of God he was continuing to ask for more (we should never be satisfied with where we are in our walk with the Lord);

2. God called and supernaturally gifted the men with skills they needed to build the tabernacle (we believe that as God did then with the Israelites He continues to do now by calling us and supernaturally providing us with what we need in order to complete his good work); and lastly,

3. As God asked the Israelites to stop giving offerings to the building of the temple, He is prophetically reminding us now that, through our obedience in going, He will provide more than enough to complete these projects here in the Gulf Coast. We had a long but productive day at Bro. Warren's house: the plumbing and sheet rock in the bathrooms and kitchen are nearly complete (almost 1 ½ days ahead of schedule.

Please pray for the salvation of Bro. Warren's precious family... through our friendship they are gaining our trust and we see God working on their hearts!

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