Monday, February 12, 2007

Missions Trip: Thursday update

See the complete set of Gulf Coast Missions trip pictures here!

(Please note: owing to busyness and travel, these updates are slightly late!)


We started off the morning with an anointing service for the three who joined us after Monday; Christie and Steve G. brought a powerful word from the Spirit, Steve G. then anointed each of our hands again and boldly prophesied over each of us; the glory of God fell upon us. "Oh God, continue to show us your glory!" Today was very fruitful; most of the painting and flooring was completed. We had a special evening with Bro. Warren and his family; our amazing chef, Frank B., cooked an exquisite Italian meal.

God is working on this family through us, and because of our obedience, God will start pouring out His blessing on us, our families, and our lives.

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