Monday, February 12, 2007

Missions Trip: Friday Update

Please note: this update is a little late owing to the busyness of the team!

To see more great pictures from the trip, see our Flickr photos here!


Pastor Steve P. prophesied over our lives and shared from the Word regarding the “Oaks of Righteousness”. He talked about how our lives, committed to the Lord, are like images of the large oak trees lining the gulf coast surviving Hurricane Katrina’s vengeance. Scripture: Isaiah 61.

After this word, Steve G. directed us to Deuteronomy 28:1-12, which speaks of the blessings of obedience.

Today about 90% of Bro. Warren’s house was finished. Pastor Derek, of World Prayer Tabernacle (WPT) in Chalmette LA, and Pastor Carl (previous senior pastor of WPT, now pioneering a new church in Slidell, LA and now responsible for a small church in Picayune, MS) met us this afternoon to share their excitement of Phase 2, which is scheduled to kick off in early July 2007.

Later in the evening we all went out for dinner to celebrate what God is doing in the Gulf Coast, but especially what He’s beginning to do in our lives. When you see one of the crew at church this week, thank them for being obedient to His Call. Most of the guys made huge sacrifices being obedient. Remember, God is a rewarder of the faithful. They are truly living out the Great Commission: it’s all about touching lives. I encourage Harvest Time to step out in faith and be open to God’s Call; it’s the only true way to experience true peace, love, and joy. It’s through desperation and faithful obedience that God displays His wonders and miracles!

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