Friday, September 19, 2008

52-day prayer devotional begins today!

Nehemiah tells the story of one of the most amazing building projects ever. God accelerated the rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls so that more than a year's worth of work was finished in just 52 days!

Now Harvest Time is preparing to finish a journey that we began together almost 10 years ago. It is time to move forward with the construction of our Phase 2 building which was planned and approved when we bought our church property in 1999. Would you join us in prayer over the next 52 days?

We have prepared a 52-day devotional designed to help our congregation unite in prayer over:

  • our walk with Him
  • our faith
  • our finances
  • the ministries of our church
  • the harvest in our region
  • the Phase 2 building project
Please take a few minutes to read and pray along with us each day for the next 52 days. You can follow the devotional here or get a hard copy by calling the church at (203) 531-7778.

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