Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Commissioning Missionaries and Bloggers

Our missions trip to Trinidad, "Mission Possible: Transforming Trinidad," is nearly here and during Sunday's services, we followed a long-standing tradition of covering the team in prayer. On Commission Sunday, the team of nearly 40 people were called to the front of the sanctuary and presented to Harvest Time as our missionaries to Trinidad. What followed during both services was an amazing time of prayer for the team, the trip, the Trinidadians, and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The missions team heading to Trinidad Nov. 29-Dec. 6.

Team members are prayed for on Commission Sunday.

Although it's only a small group that will be heading south to Trinidad, technology--and this blog--are allowing us to follow along, and hear and see nearly instantaneously what's happening. The team will be sending messages and pictures back with stories, testimonies, descriptions of people they're meeting, descriptions of Trinidad and the places they're visiting, prophetic visions or words from the Lord, and more. In short, they'll be "transporting" Harvest Time to Trinidad.

And they'll also be checking in on the blog to hear what's happening back here at Harvest Time. So if you have a word of encouragement or a comment, I encourage you to submit a reply to their posts (by clicking on "comments" immediately below a post). And of course check in often to keep current with what's happening!

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