Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Trips begins with one-wheel landing and preparation

Sent from Tedd Darash:

The travel arrangements were smooth and the flight uneventful except for the beautiful view of the Caribbean and the landing on one wheel (it was interesting). Our group was met by Sarah's cousins and then were bused then moved to the hotel, which has treated us very well. Tonight we sampled many local foods, all delicious.

Montserrat from the plane and the volcano smoking.

The construction crew did considerable scouting work today, which started right from the airport and ended around 7:30 PM. The remainder of the team had varying degrees of rest, relaxation, and planning. Tomorrow morning we start with prayer at 6:30 and on to the work at hand.

It was reassuring to meet the prayer team praying outside our rooms (although they did startle me when I nearly walked into them) as the evening has drawn to a close.

A view of the sunset from the hotel in Trinidad.

God is good and good night,

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Harvest Time said...

Hey Crew!

Beautiful pictures! Hope Tedd got some sleep. We miss you all and are praying for you.

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