Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pastor Raymond Mooi returns to Harvest Time

Harvest Time Church will be hosting a Worship Service on Friday, November 11th at 7:30 pm featuring special guest speaker, Pastor Raymond Mooi. Over the past 20 years, Pastor Mooi has ministered extensively in Southeast Asia. His healing crusades in the countries of Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, and India have been marked by dramatic healings and miracles, with as many as one million people attending a single service. In addition, his weekly television broadcast is seen by millions of people on five continents.

He has preached the Gospel to the Muslim populations of the Philippines and Indonesia, and has recently received supernatural favor to minister in the “closed” countries of Myanmar and Mainland China.
In a recent crusade hundreds came forward to give their hearts to Jesus as Savior and Lord in an environment where the church auditorium needs to be hidden behind a fa├žade that looks anything but a church, lest it be destroyed. A Moslem woman could no longer find the tumor the size of a tennis ball in her stomach. Many other Moslems experienced healing miracles from crippling conditions, vision and hearing impairments. The pastors said that they have never seen a single Moslem enter that building ever before much less so many getting saved. Glory be to God.

With his passion for the Gospel and anointing for healing, you will not want to miss Raymond’s ministry next Friday evening!


Anonymous said...

Will there be Child care available? If so of what ages, we are thinking of attending......

Harvest Time said...

Yes, there is child care available for children up to 4 years old. Sorry for the late reply.