Saturday, December 03, 2005

Prayer Requests direct from Trinidad!

Please lift up these prayer requests from Trinidad to the Lord

For the Crew: for health and protection and unity. Continue to pray especially for health - many of the crew have gotten sick. Pray also for energy - refreshing of the crew!

For The Salvation Show (Sunday at 7:00 pm): pray for God's anointing! Pray especially for a space situation (need more room!) Pray for some vital pieces needed - especially the spotlight.

For Ministry: Pray for God's anointing on each area of Ministry. For His Wisdom, Guidance and Direction each step of the way. For God's leading and special anointing - that He would not be limited in all He wants to do and accomplish in each area of Ministry and through each Minister of His Gospel.

  • Pray especially for Kate as she prepares to speak to the abused and battered women. (Date and time of this meeting to be announced.) Four salvations! Wonderful gathering with very special women from Battered Women's Home (20+). All received Bibles and other gifts. Many asked us to keep in touch w/them. (A list of specific prayer requests from them will be forwarded shortly.)
  • For the Cover: pray for everyone to be diligent and consistent in praying for the Crew. Please press in now - we need your prayer support more than ever these last few days. Pray specifically for God's provision as there have been additional children showing up each day. Pray "the fishes and the loaves" over our Blessing Boxes/Gifts - that God will give the increase! Also, for the Medical - many more than expected are coming - pray that God will multiply the medication. Better yet - pray for miraculous healings!
  • For God's Will to be done... for miracles, signs, and wonders! Yes! Keep believing and praying!
For the People of Trinidad: - for TRANSFORMATION! For God's Promises to be fulfilled. Continue to be in constant prayer for these people now and throughout this Mission! God is transforming from the inside out - starting with the dump!

Praise God:

  • For beautiful weather!
  • For the Kistow House construction - coming along nicely! (This is Margaret - the woman who took in the 40 children!) Continue to pray for these very precious children and the (additional) plan God has for them and Margaret (abundantly above and beyond ........." ! Eph. 3:20!).
  • For Hope House and the opportunity to love and embrace these very special and beautiful, beautiful children!
Mark your calendars! The Crew continues to minister in Trinidad until December 6th!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Trinidad Team!
We just wanted to let you know that we have been praying for all of your specific needs and we are believing with you.
Mat 21:22-"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."
love you all