Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trip ends on high note with Salvation Show and relaxation

From Tedd Darash:

The Faith Center was packed. The church did an incredible job filling their building for the presentation and Steve had a very attentive audience. They appreciated the introductory musical numbers and there was a group gasp at the beginning of the black lighted dance presentation.

The Salvation Show was executed with a couple of technical challenges but God's grace and presence were in the house. The response to the alter call was incredible. I do not have the count but well over 100 stood up on the main floor and more in the balconies. Once we get the count from Faith Center, we will let you know.

I am constrained to keep to a few words, but want to stay faithful to Kate's request. The show was outstanding.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), many of us will board a bus at 6:30 as Steve and Sunil have been invited to speak at a business men's breakfast at Faith Center. From there we will proceed to a quick shopping trip, hotel checkout and onto the airport.

Our R & R today (Monday) was a blessing for those that traveled to Tobago and those that did not. We all met in the evening for a wonderful dinner at the home of one of Faith Centers families.

God bless and much, much more to follow when we return................................

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Real nice blog. Enjoyed readng it...hope you All havea nice Christmas.
God Bless/ and keep us all safe